MITA is an organization of Madison College students and faculty

who are dedicated to learn more about technology and its applications in the business environment. We do everything in our power to bring students together with businesses and IT professionals in the Madison area with the goal of providing valuable networking and educational opportunities so that they may further their professional and academic goals.

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MITA helps provide direction and networking opportunities in the IT field. MITA can help you connect with the right people in the IT community! MITA is always looking for new members. Join today! We are especially looking for students who are interested in taking on active roles. Joining MITA  enables you to participate in many fun and exciting events and opportunities.

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Both junior and senior officer roles are open for the current year!

MITA officers meet publicly every Monday from 4:30 PM—5:20 PM in the 3rd floor, Room 335. MITA Officers are ready to speak in front of others, ready to help out, and have a flexible schedule. Typically, MITA officers spend about 5 hours a week doing work for MITA. We are looking to fill positions for the 2017 -2018 school year! Interested in being a MITA officer, or have an idea for another way to contribute?  Please send an email: mita@madisoncollege.edu


We want to hear from you! Send us a message: mita@madisoncollege.edu