Officer Descriptions

Officer Descriptions

MITA officers change frequently. Every semester there is at least one office leaving, either because of graduation or resigning their position. Since Madison College is a 2-year degree college this makes maintaining club officers a difficult task. That is why every semester we begin probing our membership base for potential officers.

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MITA is currently accepting applications for officer positions for the current year!



The president’s position comes with great responsibility and recognition. Being the President of MITA is an opportunity to contribute to the overall development of the club. The club president has to be a strong leader, a visionary, and a friendly face. You are the first contact with the school administration and faculty, while making sure the club abides by the club constitution.

Vice President

A well-organized and properly operating club should have a properly trained senior vice president who is prepared to administer MITA in the absence of the president. You should work with the president to help them keep the spirit of MITA fun and enjoyable for everyone involved. As vice-president, you are the right hand of the president. You can and should assist the president and other officers with their duties. To do this effectively, you must fully understand the policies and procedures of the club.


The treasurer’s job is in many ways one of the most important jobs in MITA. The club treasurer is responsible for all of a club’s monies, both incoming and outgoing, and needs to keep accurate records to ensure legal compliance. You will be responsible for maintaining the member roster and adding new members. You will work closely with the President and faculty advisors.


The secretary’s position is one of the most important in the functions of the club. One of the first requirements necessary is being thoroughly familiar with the duties of your position and what is expected of you. You must be organized! You will find that, in a great majority of cases, when information is desired by officers, committee or club members, the question will be directed to you as secretary. The secretary should have knowledge of the Roberts Rules of Order, so that you can assist the president in keeping all meetings smooth and organized. The secretary should also be familiar with the rules and regulations as stated in the constitution and bylaws to quickly locate a needed piece of material.

Vice President of Marketing

The Vice President of Marketing has the role of making MITA known within the community. You are the advertiser, the communicator and the public relations officer, all in one. As the marketing manager you are responsible for making sure the public and club is well informed about the service that MITA is doing and will be doing. You should be able to use various forms of communication and above all, be creative. The VP of Marketing often collaborates with the VP of Events to promote MITA and MITA events.

Vice President of Support Services

The VP of Support Services is a very high profile position inside MITA and comes with great responsibility and recognition. Much like the role of President, this position requires you to be a strong leader, a visionary, and have the drive to see Wolfpack Techies succeed. You will oversee every aspect of Wolfpack Techies and make sure that the customers and volunteers are happy while looking at the future.

Vice President of Application Development

The Vice President of Application Development is a very high profile position inside MITA and comes with great responsibility and recognition. Much like the role of President, this position requires you to be a strong leader, a visionary, and have the drive to see the Application Development Team succeed. You will oversee every aspect of the team, including project management, project acquisition, recruitment, and role delegation. It is your job to make sure that the volunteers enjoy their time on the team and gain valuable experience while also making sure that project goals and deadlines are met.

Vice President of Fundraising

The Vice President of Fundraising is responsible for planning and organizing fundraising events and opportunities for the Club. In this role, you are the person that brings in the money for MITA, so we can continue to offer great events and opportunities to our members at little or no cost to them. You will also be working directly with the Madison College Foundation to help reach out to Madison College alumni.

Vice President of Events

The Vice President of Events’ role in MITA is to bring exciting and fun events to Madison College for MITA members. In this role you will be talking with representatives from companies like Apple, Microsoft, local professional organizations like Accelerate Madison and local businesses. You will be managing all the MITA events to make sure everything is planned and ready. Sounds like a lot of work? It’s not, with the help of volunteers and other MITA officers, it won’t be that difficult! The VP of Events often works together with the VP of Marketing to promote MITA events.